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The Benefits of Buying Used and (CPO) Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

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Buying a used car can really bring down the purchase price of your vehicle—if that car runs well. If not, the costs to repair a faulty or damaged vehicle can be steep to impossible. Over the years, significant issues really add up. That is why purchasing a used or certified pre-owned vehicle from a trusted source is so important. 

Here at Patriot Chevrolet of Bartlesville we have families and know how important it is to keep everyone running on time and safe on the road. That’s why we want to better explain some of the many benefits that come with purchasing a used vehicle from us. No doubt, you will be happily surprised.

The Benefits of Patriot’s Used Vehicles

Most people are largely unaware of the countless perks that can come from purchasing a used vehicle. Here at Patriot Chevrolet, we make sure you receive the best-quality vehicle possible, all at an affordable price that includes qualified financing. Truly a win-win, for all.

Below, we share the considerable list of real-world advantages that can come from buying a dependable, used vehicle. What that means for you is a vehicle that has been well-cared for by trusted auto experts during the car’s early years. As any auto expert or parent can tell you, the quality and safety of those early years have everything to do with one’s future longevity and dependability.

As you’ll soon see, the benefits to pre-owned vehicles are incredibly steep. The most important benefit: real peace of mind. 

Reputable Car History

Every certified and used vehicle sold by us has a full record of its history. Along with ensuring quality and no major collisions, you can also be rest assured of the regular servicing done on each vehicle. This includes regular oil and filter changes, as well as mileage checks and thorough inspections. 

A vehicle kept in such top-performance shape from its early years will continue to perform well over the years to come. Instead of worrying over what your used vehicle may have gone through before you bought it, our used vehicles are individually checked to be safe and sound. 

At Patriot Chevrolet, we help our customers break down all the data on their car of choice. We will help you check the vehicle’s CarFax history, which details the following. 

  • Ownership: How many owners the car has had over the years and the length of ownership, something which can often point to any underlying issue with the vehicle’s dependability.
  • Type of use: This shows what the car was used for, such as if it formed part of a car rental fleet.
  • Reported mileage: A verified method of checking vehicular mileage, recorded over the years.
  • Vehicle inspections: Regular servicing, multi-point inspections and reports of any major collision or repairs will be included in your used vehicle's car history

We’ll help you review the car history so you can make an educated decision in finding the perfect car for you. Subject to rigorous multi-point inspections, Patriot makes sure every used vehicle is well cared for, kept safe and driven well.

Far More Choice

When buying a car, you’ll find that there isn’t always a wide selection of new vehicles available on the market every year. For new models, your choices will be limited to the yearly manufacturer releases. That isn’t the case when choosing from among our available pre-owned vehicles.

Instead, along with ensuring vehicular integrity, with used vehicles you will also have an incredible range of makes, models and options to choose from, spanning across all recent years. 

In addition, previous ownership also often means additional features. Past vehicle owners may have installed impressive interior features that improve upon the factory model, without adding those costs to your final price. 

Less Recalls, Lemons & Repairs

Patriot used vehicles, in addition to being well maintained and well-inspected, have also been on the market long enough for drivers to know whether there are any significant issues with the vehicle. That is why used vehicles are far less likely to be recalled. 

As a result, used vehicles are also far less likely to end up in a recall from the manufacturer. Not all new vehicles can offer that kind of peace of mind since there are no such guarantees when buying a new but unproven vehicle.

Less Depreciation, More Savings

As any new car buyer knows, the immediate depreciation that occurs to a vehicle’s value the moment you drive your new car off the lot can be immense. That significant drop in value will increase over time. Instead, when buying a used car, the vehicle will have already experienced a considerable amount of this depreciation. 

As a result, certified pre-owned and used cars will only depreciate slightly after their purchase—not considerably. This helps ensure that your car ownership remains both an excellent value and a great investment. Because your car’s value does not drop considerably as a result of your purchase, the profits to be made if one day you choose to sell your used vehicle will also be far greater than if you had bought it new.

Cheaper Insurance & Registration Fees

Many car buyers are unaware that there is a direct correlation between the price you pay for your car insurance and registration fees, and the original price paid for the vehicle. Thus, the higher the price of the vehicle, the higher the costs for registration and insurance. 

Since used and used vehicles are far less costly than new vehicles, they will likewise cost far less in both registration fees and monthly car insurance. Those monthly savings can really add up. As result, such cumulative cost savings allow buyers to purchase used models in a higher class and value than what the buyer could afford in new vehicles—all at lower initial and monthly costs. 

Warranty & Peace of Mind

One of the most impressive advantages to owning certified pre-owned vehicles is that they come with a comprehensive car warranty. What this means is that should you have any repair issues the cost of repairing or replacing the needed parts will be covered by the warranty for a certain amount of time.

Another huge advantage to having such a warranty is that it also often includes roadside assistance, so you’re never left on the side of the road. Having a warranty likewise means that you can get a loaner car whenever your vehicle needs to go in the shop. The benefits of having a good warranty really add up, providing peace of mind to drivers and their families alike.

Thoroughly Inspected & Well Driven

For vehicles to receive a pre-owned certification from the manufacturer or a dealership, the car needs to be gently used and well cared for. What this means is that the mileage on the vehicle will be lower than most used cars of that same model year. It also means the car was not involved in any major collision and has undergone thorough inspections over the years. 

Our multi-point inspections are thorough and help reveal any underlying issue. Your used car will not need to have costly repairs, and the potential for underlying issues is eliminated. As a result of being well cared for and thoroughly inspected, certified pre-owned vehicles are far more reliable than most used vehicles.

Far Lower Price

Among the largest selling points to buying a used vehicle is the reduced retail price. This helps make car buying far more affordable than selecting only from new cars. By saving on the initial car costs, you can pocket the savings or add additional features. 

Buy from the Best: Patriot Chevrolet of Bartlesville

Used vehicles offer incredible advantages and cost savings. Benefits range from a lower sticker price to cheaper insurance and registration fees, less depreciation, better warranties, greater reliability and far less in repair costs. It also means having far greater options in terms of selecting your ideal model. 

That’s where Patriot Chevrolet comes in. We are committed to providing our Bartlesville community with best-in-class service and an excellent range of vehicles to choose from. Especially for those who decide to buy a used or certified pre-owned vehicle, make sure you buy from a trusted dealership like ours. 

Come on in and find the car you love. Patriot will make sure you drive off with the most reliable vehicle possible, at the best price. We can even provide financing to qualified buyers, as well as our Patriot Pledge that covers your vehicle for life. 
At Patriot, you will find the perfect car and peace of mind. 

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